Programs & Activities

Our programs and activities are provided to develop the best possible program of studies for each child. Early Start and Ready Set Go Programs provide an individual and developmentally appropriate environment, and a wide variety of learning activities for all age groups. Children are encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace. Art, music and drama are included for a complete learning experience.  Various field trips and physical education develops skills, helping to balance each students experience and character. Our goal is to provide a safe and loving environment where all children can learn while reaching their greatest potential. We also teach the importance of good nutrition, serving one another, and good manners.

We hope to expand our After School Program very soon!

Some of our students come through the Department of Children and Family Services looking for a stable and loving place, having already experienced different forms of trauma in their young lives.

We've opened the doors to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and frequently have residents working under Dr. Nina Sand-Loud, who come into the classrooms to observe the connections we make with the children experiencing severe attachment disorders and trauma. Our relationship with Dr. Sand-Loud has developed over the years, as we care for a handful of her patients.

At Potter's House we are showing love and teaching our children fundamental tools to succeed in education and life itself!