Teachers & Staff

Our teachers and staff are well qualified and some work on a volunteer status. Classroom ratio meets or exceeds all licensing requirements to ensure each student receives individual attention. We highly value our wonderful staff members and their faithful dedication to each child in their care.
Deb Kerwin, Director

Deb was born and raised in Colorado moving to Vermont in 1989 with her children. 

Deb has always been passionate about the welfare of children and providing a safe and loving environment, so it was natural for her to join Potter's House School.

Deb started in 2014 as our Assistant Director and became our Director a  year later. She brings to her position 25 years of overseeing the children's ministry at Praise Chapel and was a volunteer at Potter's House School each winter since 1995. To maintain her position as Director, Deb was required to go back to college and further her education in the field of Early Childhood Education which she completed in 2018. She continues her education at The Community College of Vermont and takes advanced classes through the state to meet our yearly qualifications with the State of Vermont in accordance with STARS (Step Ahead Recognition Program).

Deb loves gardening, animals and enjoys playing the piano and singing as some of her special interests. 

She is loved by every child, parent and staff member! She keeps the entire team ever moving forward with the spirit of excellence!
Barbara Dean - Assistant Teacher, Infants

Barbara moved to the Upper Valley in 2007. She previously  worked in healthcare for 25 years, to include 12 years at Children's Hospital, San Diego, CA, and 8 years at Alice Peck Day Hospital, Lebanon, NH. Barbara has happily been working at Potter's House School since 2015. She began part-time, continuing her education and obtaining certification in Early Childhood Education. Barbara loves the babies and they love her! She also loves the mission the school has for all children!
Rachel Bonneau - Assistant Teacher, Infants

Rachel has served in teaching at Potter's House School since 2018. She is a joy to be around and loved by children and staff! Rachel is currently pursuing an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Degree at CCV of Vermont. She is a "Mom" to five children and grandmother to six! Her love of children is what drew her to an ECE career. Rachel loves to bake too! Her banana bread is the best!
Michelle Kearns - Lead Teacher, Toddlers

Michelle taught at Potter's House School many years ago, but most recently since 2018. She is loved by children, staff and parents! Michelle graduated from Notre Dame College receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and a BA in Elementary Education. She holds an Experienced Teacher Certificate from the State of New Hampshire. Michelle has 31 years of experience from daycare to 8th grade, both in public and private schools. She owned and operated her own daycare and preschool. Michelle is also a great mentor and we are honored to have her as part of our wonderful staff! Serving in the Toddler Program has been transformational!
Ashley Woodard - Lead Preschool Teacher

Ashley has been teaching at Potter's House School since 2013. She grew up in Central Vermont and completed studies at Lyndon State College, receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Interdisciplinary Studies. Ashley currently holds a Level I teaching license in the State of Vermont. She loves teaching preschoolers and brings creativity, fun and lots of laughter to the classroom. She has one child, Parker, who is "the light" of her life. Ashley loves music, scrap-booking, and being outdoors during Spring, Summer and Fall!
Kathi Dandorph - Teacher, Float

Kathi has been at Potter's House School since 2018. She is loved by children and staff alike. She began her career in childcare after graduating from high school from Christian Heritage, CT, and while attending college at Albertus Magnus, in CT. Although she has a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising/Communications, she found no joy or gratification working in her major. She then pursued working in Early Childhood Education that has led to more than 20 years, teaching children, including elementary school ages.

She takes great pride in her work and desires to make a difference in those lives she is honored to work with. She does make a difference in all who know her!
Sophia Blanchard - Teacher, Float

Sophia grew up in Windsor Vermont, graduating in 2018 from Windsor High School. She now attends the Community College of Vermont where she is studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM studies). Sophia has been employed by Potter's House School since February 2018, where she is a float teacher. She enjoys caring for, playing with and teaching the children at the center. She is a great asset at Potter's House School and the children just love her!
Rachael Brooks - Teacher, Float

Rachael graduated in 2017 from New England Classical Academy. While in high school she ran a children summer program from her home. Seven children attended the program. She currently works at Maurice’s part time and is a substitute/float teacher at The Potter’s House School. She has applied to Liberty University to major in Early Childhood Education specializing in special needs.
Amanda Howe - Lead Teacher, Transition Classroom

Amada has lived in the Upper Valley all her life.  She has been married for 14 years and has an amazing son who is 17 years old and a senior in high school.  Amanda is currently working on getting her associates degree in ECE at RUCC located in Lebanon, NH.  She has had many years of experience working with children ranging in age from infants to five years of age.

"I’m very passionate about teaching children and watching them learn and grow! And I’m so excited at this new venture of my career!" ~ Amanda Howe
Brooke Truman - Assistant Teacher, Toddler Classroom

Brooke started to have a passion to work with children when she turned 16 and got her first job as a float teacher at a daycare. From there she continued to go to school for ECE, and currently has 12 credits. Brooke has been working in childcare for 9 years, and has worked with every age of children, but toddlers are her strong suit. She absolutely loves the way they learn and the passion that this age group has for learning. 

"What a toddler can do amazes me everyday. I can’t wait to watch these children grow!" ~ Brook Truman
Cheyenne Gordon - Lead Teacher, Transitions Classroom

Cheyenne believes her purpose is to guide, direct, and encourage children in their developmental process, as well as building strong relationships with the children and their families. She is a mother of three girls and has been married for 10 years. Cheyenne has worked in childcare for over 13 years and has her associates degree in ECE. She ran her own childcare center which was registered in Vermont, and has experience working with children ranging in age from infants to after school age children.

"My true passion is to help children learn and grow." ~ Cheyenne Gordon